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I'm Darlene

I am fully certified in personal training, women's specialist, group fitness, fitness nutrition, health coaching and owner of Absolute Health and Fitness, MTS9X and QuickBand. I have been training clients for over 10 years during which I have developed much experience in what brings results. Competing in the bikini category with NPC is something I have truly enjoyed! It has also taught me much about the body, fitness and nutrition. Everyone is different in what method will truly work for them in regards to getting results and being able to sustain a lifestyle of health. That's why I've developed result driven customized programs.  

I enjoy taking care of myself both inside and out. Many have asked if I ever drink. And the answer to that is on occasion. Now I do love my wine and I've finally found one that is not full of unnecessary ingredients and doesn't give me a headache! I've put a link to them for you to check out and enjoy for yourself! I've also been asked about my skin care. As the years go by and I start to notice ever so slightly some lines...people think I'm nuts but we are all our worst regimen has kept my skin oh so very young and I'm grateful. I've created a list of my favorites for you to try as well! 

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